We are about casual elegance, but also about being creative, having FUN and putting a high value on originality. Here are some of our hand picked faves!


A striped platform and perfectly scaled tractor bottom make these sneakers ones that you will turn to over and over again. P.S.- they also look fabulous with a skirt.

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Eve Shoe
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Ludlow Model


Our modern culture demands a high top. Ours is civilized, sophisticated and super cool. Metal studs embellish the back.

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Ludlow Shoe


A new, modern classic. Daphnie adds polish to every day. INTRODUCING: Our new AIR LITE PLATFORM!

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Bryce Model


A chic, super cozy slide that you will never take off. The rubber sneaker bottom is designed to be worn inside AND outside. Collect them all!

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Our new superfly slip on that is ultra lite, super cool and super easy.

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